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Me Time?

  What is me time? Does it even exist? We have invested so much time and energy in all of the relationships we have acquired over the years. The more time and energy invested the harder it is to unplug when you just want “me time” .  Being empathetic has become a thing of the past. . Boundaries Folks, they are so important

Free Your Mind…

Free your  mind and the rest will follow, says the song. They say the mind is a  terrible thing to waste. Too often we put too many things above our mental health. Truth be told when things aren’t right our mind is the first thing to go. If we were to take care our minds like we take care of our cell phones or favorite pair of shoes we would be more stable individuals. Before waking up to your phone in the morning do a check in with your mind, your engine,your ground zero and make sure it can handle whatever you are about to make it process. Make the time and take the time to free your mind so that the rest of you will be able to handle what life throws at you at any given place or time. Mental health is very important. How is important is the question

What is strength?

  Strength is having to accept an apology you were never given, Strength is knowing your on the verge of losing your mind and still pushing through life. Strength can be so many different things to so many people.  When you find yourself pulling from a place that you didn’t know existed you have found your strength.Why are we so often caught between a rock and a hard place, or backed into a corner. I think its because we are being quickly tested out of certain situations so that we are able to move on to the real reward. The reason the teacher retest the student is because he failed the test the first time. When I find myself in one of those situations  I began to ask God questions like what  am I suppose to learn? What did  I not learn last time? As oppose to Why me God? Asking the wrong questions will lead you to the wrong answers to questions you thought you were asking. Think about it. How many times have you asked a lover what did you do today? When we really wanted to to say, I called you today, why didn’t you pick up? So then he answers the first question by  saying “nothing much” In your mind he answered the second question and saw that you called and did not want to pick up for you. It’s OK to find the strength enough to ask the right question so you can get the right answers. Strength is key to happiness. Strength is saying No to things that don’t feed you, treating yourself to your favorite meal just because, walking away from a toxic situation with your head held high, making it through even when you thought you couldn’t. Find your strength, you will thank me later. Have a wonderful night intentionally! I love you



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Common Challenges

  Hey guys and dolls! I have been doing some research with some of my friends and family trying to figure out what some of the  common challenges that people have in life. There were plenty, but i just want to discuss a few that stood out to me. The first one is Too many commitments. Also known as afraid to tell  people NO! There are times when you have to be selfish in order to keep peace and order in your life. When you spread yourself too thin, you lack in your performance in most of the things you committed yourself to. Know that once you tell a person No, life happens so fast that it brings them something else to focus on shortly there after. The sting does not last as long as you think it does.The second one is self-doubt. Studies show that self-doubt happens when your on to something great, so keep pushing. Don’t let it deter you from doing what God or the universe tells you to do . Doubt is a distraction. Its like a really bad calorie that should be cut our of your diet.So be sure to take the necessary precautions to stay lifted and encouraged. The same rules still apply. You are what you eat and you are judged by the company you keep. I love you all and have  a great night.


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What does love look like to you?

So often we forget that as children we were taught how to love. By loving touches, soft kisses, tight hugs, undivided attention when something is wrong. I remember my parents changing my brothers diaper, feeding him, kissing and holding him all to figure out what was wrong with him. All of those loving measures were taken before they even knew what was wrong. The older we get the more we stray away from taking all of those loving measures before finding out whats wrong with you. I can only speak from where I’m standing, and the feedback I’ve gotten from other people. We approach sadness with anger because most of the time the ones loving us are the ones that are hurting us. So I’m sure you can see how that can confuse the psyche.  Hurt people hurt people so we must end the cycle of hurting our loved ones. “To thine own self be true” says William Shakespeare. I researched the meaning of that quote, one of the meaning states that someone can better judge himself if he has done what he should or could have done. The one thing I take away from that is, as long as you’re doing what you know is right to do, you can only face love with love, face hurt with love, pain with love, disrespect with love and so on. My husband Nick and I try to always operate in love and  that keeps our household peaceful and our conversations meaningful and not hurtful. I’ve learned that if you don’t have someones best interest at heart it will show through how treat them, how you talk to them and even in how you allow others to treat or talk to your loved ones. So you have to love yourself and where you are in order  to love others and where they are. So that’s what love looks like to me. What does it look like to  you? I love you and hope your having a great day intentionally!

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It’s Really Not about You!

  There are times in our lives when we think that no call back or no text back means that someone is either mad at you or is being mean to you. I just wanted to let you know that It’s really not about YOU! Remember that time in 2006 when my car broke down and i had to walk to the gas station, or remember that time in 98 when i won the talent show? NO. You don’t. Its because we weren’t friends then. So much happens in a persons life that you were not around for. Very rarely is it about you when a person shuts down. I know that there several reasons i shut down. Most often  my reason is simply to protect my energy.  We don’t realize how much we allow people to steal energy from us. If you are physically, emotionally and spiritually drained when you talk to or are around a person they are stealing energy from you and they are home tap dancing and entertaining other people with YOUR energy. Stop allowing people to use you as a dumping site.  All lines of communication must be clipped so that you are able to plugin and recharge. It is OK to be selfish sometimes. People are committing suicide because of bullying. Forcing someone to entertain you is a form of adult bullying and its not right nor is it fair. If you don’t like spending time with you why should I? I hope this helps someone today. Release yourself from what binds you! I love you and have a great day intentionally!

What is Overriding Your Faith?

Lets try to figure out what is overriding your faith?

I asked my husband if he had faith and he said Yes ,but i have still have questions and my

response was Then you have NO faith..because faith removes questions.

This is my definition of faith: when you can wake up in the morning and say God i trust you, whatever you have for me today i receive it because you have already given me everything i need to pass every test put before me..the ONLY expectation i have is for GOD to be GOD. Is Fear overriding  your Faith ? Fear is the biggest way to stop things from happening in your life. Replace your Fear with Faith and see how the world to turn in your favor. Have a wonderful day Intentionally!

Since the Age of 20..


Since the age of 20 ..i have performed for Disney Cruise line for 10 years I’ve traveled from Italy to Germany… from Tokyo to the Rock of Gibraltar just doing what i love to do..Touch lives .While living the dream i’ve encountered the ups and downs life has thrown my way. By the age of 27 i was told i had cervical cancer , i lost my best friend  ..i was told i would never sing again..i ended up being hospitalized for depression hitting what i would call MY ROCK BOTTOM!

I ended up spending the next 3 years of my life trying to rebuild my life starting with myself! Since the restoration of my life i have directed and choreographed a syndicated stage play, sang for Harry  Belafonte as they were inducting him into the Jazz Hall of fame. Ive also started my own foundation called The Ruth Barnes Foundation, so that i am able to help other women obtain  coping mechanisms to help them get through rough times. The goal is to prevent them from hitting rock bottom and let them know that they don’t have to be a victim before you become a victor. Self love it the best most effective love to have. As babies we are programmed to get  love from our mothers,aunts,friends ..”outside sources” we need to begin to instill upon our children that self love is the first love !

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